USA TODAY - Fun Facts About the Nation's Newspaper - InkOnDaPaper

USA TODAY - Fun Facts About the Nation's Newspaper - InkOnDaPaper

For those of you that missed it, it was Jason’s birthday yesterday.

I spent a fair amount of time looking for printing facts from the year Jason was born and instead I found a great bit of printing history.

Jason and USA TODAY share the same birth year!

The USA today is the Nations widest circulated newspaper and is distributed “in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United Kingdom.”  Based out of Virginia, the newspaper sells for just $2 in newsstands but is free online and in most hotels and airports as a courtesy to customers.

Here is the first ever front page of USA today printed in 1982.

The glaring difference is the layout from this paper and the current one you see today, which was changed in 2012 –

On September 14, 2012, USA Today underwent the first major redesign in its history with brand design firm Wolff Olins, in commemoration for the 30th anniversary of the paper’s first edition.[16] The print edition of USA Today now features the additions of a page covering technology stories and an increased number of color pages, while retaining longtime elements.[17] The “globe” logo used since the paper’s inception was replaced with a new logo featuring a large circle rendered in colors corresponding to each of the sections, serving as an infographic that changes with news stories, containing images representing that day’s top stories.[17]

Intrigued yet?  Here are a few quick facts to give a snapshot of just how large the nations largest newspaper really is

No small operation, that is for sure.  Owned by Gannett, which is no small operation either.

Just under 32000 employees and over 5 Billion in revenue, they are slowly changing the newspaper landscape as we know it.  You can see all their newspaper subsidiaries Here

When is the last time you picked up a USA TODAY? Do you read it regularly?  We’d love to hear about your experience below.