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In a time of anxiety, print still has a future

Last updated: 10/21/2020

The American author Mark Twain famously said: “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” after a newspaper mistakenly printed his obituary while he was very much still...

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Digitisation and sustainability: Printers must adapt to the future now

Last updated: 10/20/2020

Digitisation and sustainability: Printers must adapt to the future now By WhatPackaging? Team 10 Oct 2020 Slowly coming out of the pandemic, as Europe eases the restrictions,...

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Efficient power for your surface treatment technology

Last updated: 10/18/2020

Find out more As the principal manufacturer of narrow web presses in the western world, and a global market leader in flexo technology, it is essential that ancillary technology...

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Digital Print for Packaging US - Digital Print for Packaging

Last updated: 10/18/2020

Digital Print for Packaging Europe Digital Print for Packaging US Digital Textile Printing US Webinar | Disruptive Innovation in Digital Corrugated Packaging Digital Print for...

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How to print with low migration inks: 5 things to take into account

Last updated: 10/17/2020

The demand for food safety, food packaging guidelines, and other standards and legislation require the label printing industry to offer labels that meet ink migration limits as...

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4 Ways Emerging Tech Can Help You Manage Supply Chain Risk

Last updated: 09/29/2020

I didn’t plan on writing something that adds to the coronavirus information overload, but unfortunately, it continues to be at the forefront of my mind both personally and...

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Connectivity will disrupt and transform label print production

Last updated: 09/26/2020

Every F1 team has this dedicated operations room filled with monitors where the entire behaviour of their race cars is tracked. They know everything about their cars, as a huge...

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The Benefits of Digital Labels for Small Businesses

Last updated: 09/09/2020

Over the last decade, digital labels have been transforming the label industry. The production process of digital labels is much quicker than their traditional counterparts. As...

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2020 Marketing Trends to Watch For Print Business Growth

Last updated: 09/04/2020

COVID-19 has brought us the future of digital marketing even faster than the rapid pace we were experiencing. These changes are not something we can wait out until things return...

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How to eliminate shade variation in digital inkjet printing

Last updated: 08/17/2020

Martin Bailey, CTO of Global Graphics Software, shows how printers can make colours uniform and keep buyers happy. Digital printing is becoming attractive in many textile...

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