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5 Reasons Workplace Art Experiences Are In Big Demand In 2021

Last updated: 02/24/2021

As we move full speed ahead into 2021, many organizations are planning for what the future holds for office structure and culture. Among discussion of future growth plans and...

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The Impact of Organizational Vision & Mission During a Workplace Change

Last updated: 02/22/2021

There is a reason for everything and this rings true in corporations large and small. Every organization fundamentally establishes a foundation or a guiding principle to light...

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Why the Physical Workplace should NOT be the focal point of office design

Last updated: 02/10/2021

When companies introduce a workplace change, the physical office environment invariably gets the bulk of the attention. In the event of an organization moving to a new...

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The importance of creating social and cultural equity in the workplace

Last updated: 10/27/2020

Senior Associate – Melbourne , Sydney Share Following large-scale disruption to our lives, we’re all looking to restore or create new order beyond the pandemic....

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Top 6 Long-Term Trends Emerging From the Pandemic and What They Mean for Office Design

Last updated: 10/15/2020

Face it. You thought this could be a nice change of pace—maybe work leisurely at your sunny kitchen table for a week—two weeks tops—while enjoying a cup of your favorite weekend...

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Most employees would forego major perks for this 'biophilic' office environment

Last updated: 10/12/2020

The modern, city-dwelling American is almost completely removed from nature. The prototypical urban office is devoid of green space. Oftentimes, natural light is blocked out...

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Technology and The Office Of The Future

Last updated: 09/22/2020

Insight Technology and The Office Of The Future It's not headline news that our working lives have dramatically changed as a result of technological advancements. Our office...

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The Long Lasting Effects of Flexible Office Design - Work Design Magazine

Last updated: 08/29/2020

Flexible office design can bring joy, energy, collaboration and efficiency to workplace environments, this is nothing new. Today, people are rapidly developing new ways to work....

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Tim Mok On How Remote Work Will Change Office Design

Last updated: 08/25/2020

Remote work has been on the rise for the past couple of years. However, the novel coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the shift towards remote work. All aspects of work have...

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How Can Workplace Design Learn From Healthcare In A Post-Pandemic World?

Last updated: 08/17/2020

This article was written byBrent Capron&Carolyn BaRoss, and it was originally published onWork Design Magazine. As the COVID-19 crisis impacts New York City and beyond, there...

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